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Session with Tom Maurice of Sunhouse Creative

Some very useful info gained, along with a presentation of an impressive portfolio of work to gain inspiration from. Advice about the importance of portfolio (possibly even above qualifications) was interesting, leaves me further pondering the importance of doing the third-year of BA Hons, or whether to stick with just two years of FdA, then beg/borrow/steal/grovel/work-for-free for industry experience to further build up my work as a freelancer…

Useful contacts gathered from Tom to look into/chase up include:

Mike Bennet of E3
The SouthWest Media Group (Ueghh, all Flash site)
Pete Whitehead of ‘Radio’ (That’ll be fun to find on Google…)

Apparently being in the position to both design and code is a desired skill in the industry and will serve me well, so there’s a big plus, this will hopefully become my ‘key selling point’ to potential employers/clients.

Any-who, work on the new site is further progressing, I can’t wait to just get it all coded up so I can start badgering both the contact I briefly met from Future, and hopefully make contact with Keir Whitaker, who I bumped into by chance over the summer. Can’t be promoting a site I’m still not too sure about now can I?

2 Responses to “Session with Tom Maurice of Sunhouse Creative”

  1. Catherine Sellars says:

    Good list of possible contacts definitely worth pursuing. I agree with Tom that you have the right mix of technical and ability and design skill so I think you are eminently employable. Your site needs to show this.

  2. Joe Ashford says:

    Hi Dan,

    Heres the discount code for the WDC hope you can make it, do you want us to meet you at the station or where ever your parking? Anyway heres the info:

    “As tickets go you can’t get better than student ones and the WDC2009 student ticket is no exception. For just £15 you’ll get the entire day, not just some, all of it.

    To get your student ticket, just enter WDCSTUDENT on our ticket site, then all you need to do is bring your student ID along to the event when you register on the day.”

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