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The newest member of the sh’Mac family.

Prologue/Disclaimer: Yes, I name my Apple products, generally prefixing them with a bit of my surname. I’ve done it for ages, I know it’s weird and nerdy, but “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

As you may, or may not be aware, roughly about a month ago, my 2 year old 24″ iMac suffered a what can only be described as a severe case of ‘deadness’. Worryingly reminiscent of the way my old iBook G4 popped its clogs, I arose one morning, pressed the power button, and… pressed the power button… and er, pressed the power button. Oh no. The usual diagnostics tried – resetting PRAM, VRAM, PMU, taking the RAM out, getting down on one’s knees and looking up at the sky begging his holy Jobsness to make it work again – an appointment at the Genius Bar at Cabot Circus in Bristol was booked.

The iMac was taken in for repair, but no matter how many parts were replaced (eventually, it was all of them), there was no life left; she could not be revived, even the hard drive platters weren’t recoverable. I can’t praise the Genius’ and the store’s service enough, keeping me constantly updated as to the state of sh’iMac, and eventually, her time of death call. Apparently noone could figure it out, whatever had hit first, had a knock on effect to the rest of the hardware, one of the Geniuses called it his “nemesis”. Heheh.

I was over the moon to be told I was to receive a replacement, and popped down to pick it up. sh’iMac 2.0 was promptly plugged in and booted, MobileMe synced all the settings over from the cloud, and what I’d been using in the mean time on sh’MacBook (see disclaimer), and Time Machine recovered what I needed from my most recent backup (apart from my accounts; apparently M$ Excel files don’t like being backed up – handy).

And that was that, I was up and running again.

Until yesterday, when sh’iPhone S’s (see disclaimer again) caller ID displayed “Apple Store, Bristol”. I was told there had been a bit of a kerfuffle, and unfortunately, the machine I had been given was not available as a replacement unit. I was however, blissfully overjoyed to find I was to be given one of the brand spanking new 27″-ers. I really have been having a rather delightful spree of luck over the last few months, which makes a nice change.

And so “sh’iMac S” (because she’s a little bit faster) arrived home today, and her hard drive is already a clone of what was before, thanks to the Time Capsule. AND she came with one of the new Magic Mice, which is progressively growing on me. All I can say about the new 27″ iMac so far from first impressions of use, is that it’s absolutely positively monumentally massively huge. I’ve never had so much screen real estate before, even being used to a 24″; the resolution is almost preposterous. I think she’s going to be very happy settling into her new spot here with the rest of her family.

R.I.P. sh’iMac: 2007-2009

Long live “sh’iMac S” =)

(and now, at 3:19am, I’m off to say my thankful prayers to his Jobsness, and the team at Cabot, and grab just a few hours of much needed rest. Goodnight world.)

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  1. Catherine says:

    Glad you are now all tooled up and going equipped … and … Table Tennis?

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