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Louise Owen – Portfolio Crit

A great, informal and friendly session with Lucy Owen, also of Ice House Design. She was complimentary of my copy writing skills – yes, complimentary of my ramblings, nothing can stop me now – and seemed to like my portfolio of work. I’m assuming the lack of criticism of my work is a good thing, though I was the first to present… I’ll take it as a good thing, as it’s put me in a ‘sure’ mood of the new site.

Something to consider may be regularizing ‘who’ is speaking my site. The main page is deliberately third person, but it was questioned if the rest of the site being written in first made perfect sense.

Tips for getting work placements include… Actually, I’m going to keep them to myself. If you happen to be reading this after my interest in your place of design, they’re all my own ideas, heheh. No, tips for work placements were just that, to be oneself, and only apply for places I have a genuine interest in.

That’s all from me for the day. I’ve just rediscovered, been abnormally amused by, and been playing endlessly with the Extrude tool in Illustrator on some of my typographically created images, so I’m off to do that for a few hours. It’s the little things that make my day.

P.S. Also! Also! I’m proud of the fact I’ve just taught several people where the ‘#’ key is on a Mac (Alt+3 in case you were wondering); including Catherine. As I said, it’s the little things.

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  1. Catherine says:

    The student has become the master.

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