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Whoops, catchup time again.

On a slightly positive note I’ve been too busy to keep updating the blog; work work work. On a slightly negative note, I’ve been too busy to keep updating the blog; work work work.

So, due to all this work, I skipped unfortunately missed a talk from what was supposed to be a guy from ‘Radio’, a Bath-based design firm upon hearing news that it was actually to be a talk from ‘the radio’. I’m sure working at Heart FM’s all good and fun, but so far the same things seem to be happening on a weekly basis; there’s only a tiny bit of relevance to the field I’m actually in. So sorry, Mr Heart FM man, whoever you may have been, I’m a little snowed under.

What I did manage to catch was the session with Jack Owen from Icehouse, very useful indeed, and reassured me that an hourly pricing structure is a widely used thing in the industry, also made me think more about the importance of specific briefs for projects in case things go pear-shaped – though this hasn’t actually been a problem at all with the clients (that’s you, thank-you, lovely people) I’ve worked with thus far. The importance of having a good set of contacts in different fields that one can bring in for projects has also been highlighted again, so keeping colleagues on side will prove wise as well (that’s you, other lovely people).

I will be updating the blog more often, and when I don’t, I shall have to come up with a new way of reminding myself. So far I’ve narrowed it down to either post-it notes everywhere or electrodes attached to various bodily places.

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