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Aims and Goals vs. Ways and Means.

So, what now? (for the second time, as WordPress just 404’d and didn’t back up this post. I love it already. Grrr.)

Work for Catherine’s Professional Studies this year (apparently we don’t do semesters, or digestible chunks of information any more) consists of… *Ahem*

Professional Development Blog

  • Attend two professional/industry events relevant to your chosen career. These could include: Bristol Media networking events, talks or presentations by professionals (additional to those arranged via the course) conferences, shows, demos of relevant software.
  • Enter a competition relevant to your chosen career. Eg. A design or photography competition.
  • Make contact with an industry mentor and follow them remotely via twitter, email, facebook or phone through a typical project.
  • Bid for at least two projects on a Freelancing website.
  • Conduct an industry interview
  • Take part in a business card treasure hunt

Freelance Portfolio

  • Project 1 – You will find a freelance project and negotiate the brief or make a successful bid for a project advertised on one of the many find a freelancer type sites and complete it to the client’s satisfaction. You will recruit and manage as many classmates as required to work on the project with you. Maintain records and a working production file with all relevant documentation, permissions, copyright information, contracts etc.
  • Project 2 – You will be recruited by one of your classmates to work on their freelance project.
  • Compile existing work for presentation

Work Placement

  • Two weeks work placement
  • 2000 word report on work placement

Career Development Strategy

  • Career development strategy report

Firstly, I’m going to get started on redoing the website, the website I only finished a couple of months ago, as I’ve already decided I don’t really like it any more. I’m quite good at doing that immediately after finishing something, whether it’s good or not. This should tie in nicely with getting my portfolio ready to present.

I have a bit of a headstart on getting a work placement, having met a couple of people over the summer who I cheekily nagged for their details, so I’ll attempt to drop a couple of emails/calls over the coming weeks. This should also tie in nicely with starting my ‘business card treasure hunt’, filling up my Mail with (even more) RSS feeds, and stalking following a few more people on Twitter.

As per the usual trend, I’ll probably get the interesting stuff that isn’t long and wordy out the way, and leave that right until the last minute. I jest (or do I?).

Watch this space for sheer-design v09.2, which will also have a nicer looking blog. I know it’s an eyesore and it looks horrid, really, I know.

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  1. Catherine Sellars says:

    Brilliant start with networking. Will you try stalking some of the carsonified crew? If you get your portfolio up to scratch you will be able to use it to try and get placements and work. The redesign you showed me looked very smart, clean and contemporary. You definitely need to set yourself some targets. What do you want to get get done in the next 6 weeks for example, any events, competitions, projects?

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